February 2008 Earnings

Not many posts this month, but I’ll get straight onto last months earnings.

Account 1

Adsense for Content: $81.82 ($120.84)

Account 2

Adsense for Content: $775.15 ($707.41)

February 2008 Earnings Total: $856.97 ($828.25)

Slight increase over last month generally.  But as the first account hasn’t hit $100 I won’t get paid next month, so I definately want to try make sure I hit $100 every month with that.

I have a few things planned this month which I really hope I do manage to work on.  One of my sites which I have quite an interest in is paying off quite nicely.  It’s not actually earned much, but the few clicks I have had have been quite high!  So if I increase both content and traffic, it should be a nice consistant money maker!

3 Replies to “February 2008 Earnings”

  1. Thanks knupnet 🙂

    The sites in my blogroll, plus a couple of others I’m still working on.

    I have a personal and a business account, basically have my main earning sites in one account and my smaller and newer sites in the older account.

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