Free PR7 Backlink? Yes Please!

Ben Gillbanks over at Binary Moon is running an interesting competition at the moment, which instead of having a prize such as money or a gift, it is something which some would agree could be worth more!

You can win a link in his blog roll (on a site where text links cost $150/month!) and all entires will be included in a roundup post on his Pagerank 7 homepage!

All you have to do to enter is write a short article on his site and mention a few posts from his archives. This didn’t take me very long at all to pick some interesting posts to share, as there are many to choose from, such as his blogging themed posts about Custom WordPress Login Screens and Custom WordPress Error Pages, which are both very useful tips on making your blog seem a bit more personal.  He also has some more light-hearted posts, such as Lego Johnny 5 and Mona Lisa drawn in Microsoft Paint which both brought a smile to a dull day at work.

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