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Over the last few weeks I have had an extra 25,000 hits to this blog, and it’s all because of one post! Which post was it? The Simpsons Movie – Spider Pig Clip Download!

I orginally posted about Spider Pig because I’d seen a trailor for the Simpsons Movie, thought it was funny, so I mentioned it. But then I started getting traffic to that post, of people searching the internet for lots of phrases relating to Spider Pig, such as:

  • spider pig sound
  • spider pig mp3
  • spider pig audio
  • simpsons spider pig mp3
  • spider pig clip
  • spider pig sound clip
  • spider pig ringtone
  • spider pig song mp3

So I thought, if users are coming to my blog after searching for this and not finding anything, why not give them what they want! So I downloaded the trailer, extracted the audio myself and then cut out the Spider Pig sections.  Within a few days of uploading the MP3s, I already had a few 100-hits days, whereas my previous record for this small, personal blog wasonly in the hundreds!

A few days later and I was getting over 2000 hits a day just because of that Spider Pig MP3 Download post and traffic wasn’t just coming from search engines anymore, also from other sites such as Digg, Yahoo Answers and Boxxet.

Stats of Spider Pig Post

So that’s very nice, I got lots of hits, but how does that help you?  Well directly it doesn’t, but it gives you a very good tip and how to get traffic to your site, it may sound obvious, but give your readers what they want!

 Ok, but how do you know what they want?  Are you supposed to be a mind reader?  Well there are a few ways to go about this, the first is to tap into traffic already at your blog.  For example, I have installed the Search Meter plugin, which is very useful and tells you what people are searching for on your blog and even more importantly, wether the search succesfully returned any results or not.  If people are already on your blog search for say ‘Parrot Pictures’ then why not make a post about that very subject?  For example since the Spider Pig post, I have found many people searching my site for other ringtones and comedy MP3 soundclips.

Thats works fine if you already have traffic, but what if you’re running a new blo or just aren’t already getting much traffic?  Well it’s a bit more work but you can still do it.  You just need to know what people are searching for!  How?  Looking at current search trends at a few popular websites can give you some very iseful tips on what to post about, some places to check out:

  • Technorati  -  What popular in the rest of the blogging world?
  • Google Trends  -  What are peopel searching Google for?
  • eBay Pulse  -  What are the latest gadgets people are buying?

8 Replies to “Give Your Readers Content They Want!”

  1. This is great advice for the tech savvy, but what do us humanoid (boring average bloggers) do to create massive hits? I’m working on a 30 page PDF download that I’m hoping will have potential to become viral (the good kind), but that’s all I’m capable of.

    I’m a standup comedienne and generating traffic to my site has be an all-out effort. It’s fun, but time consuming. I know generating regular traffic all comes down to posting every single day, and adding more content to the web, which I’m doing. But I wanted to pick your brain and see if there’s anything else you can offer.

    Nice blog! Thanks for the interesting posts!

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  3. Good tip but what about the off-topic problem, you know readers visit our blogs because of the specific niche let say “making money” or “magic formula to clean the car without using water” or the most popular niche and if I post a not related article don’t you think they will run off the blog..

    1 week ago this was happening to John Chow, when he posted a out of topic post some readers began to complaint.

    See its not easy to keep readers happy, what they want to read is how to make money and I can say alot of blogs are talking about the same thing.


  4. Posting an article in advance to something popular or with huge expectation will alway get lots of traffic. 🙂

    Halo 3 is my big expectation!

    First time I’ am here. Nice blog by the way, very good looking.

    Until next time,

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