Happy New Year!

Another year over!

I’ve never been big on new year’s resolutions, but this year I think I’m actualy going to set myself a few targets and see how I get on with them!

  • Stabalise + Increase current online income.
  • Go through all current domains and either work on them or try sell/let expire.
  • work on some joint site flips with a mate.
  • Add more scheduled content to all my blog based sites.
  • Finally finish the unified login system for MPSounds, MPScrpts etc.
  • Get at least a alpha/preview release of MooPlug for Mac released.
  • Continue going to the gym and trying to lose weight.
  • Sorting out overdraft, first lower and then ideally remove!
I wonder how many of those I’ll get done this year!
Hope everyone has a great 2009!

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