IT Crowd Series 2!

IT Crowd Series 2 is finally here!  Well on 24th August at 9.30pm it will be!!   😀

Not sure if they will have it up for download again as they did for the last series.  I hope they do as I always watched it on sunday mornings, as I was never in on a friday night to watch it! 😛

 The IT Crowd

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  1. Despite in theory it is everything wrong with comedy, with its canned laughter, swarm of unrealistic jokes, gags and costumes; it is too silly to even notice, which is why the IT crowd works. It’s funny because it’s silly, which is why Father Ted also worked.

  2. I love the IT Crowd.
    Can’t wait for S2. I wouldn’t have known it was back on TV but for your blog post 😉
    Where was it available for download? Are you talking about torrents?

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