Window Designer Early Preview/Alpha

I had kind of forgotten about it but someone mentioned the Window Designer I started to make for helping to design XML windows for Messenger Plus! Live Scripts.

So I released it as it currently is to keep people quiet again for a while 😛 Now that it’s out, I’ll try work on it soon 🙂

Window Designer

Download Window Designer 0.1.64

EDIT: Fixed download link, cheers Felu 😛

10 Replies to “Window Designer Early Preview/Alpha”

  1. I haven’t really had much of a chance to work on it since I posted this. I’ll try find some time soon 🙂

    Any paticular problems that you think need working on?

  2. Hey, great job so far.
    Too bad the dropdownlist on the right doesn’t really work yet. Why has it taken so long anyway 🙁

    Anyway, good luck 🙂

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