I’ve Earnt $35,000 from Adsense!

I’ve never really thought of myself as being paticually successful at making money online, but I looked at my adsense account today and found that, since I first starting using in April 2004, I’ve earnt $35,000!!

I know to some people that’s not a big amount, especially over 54 months, but I’m still amazed!  

I’d love to say with all that money I’ve bought my car outright, I’ve got a deposit for a house and I’m not in any debt!  But that would be a lie! 😛  I’ve had a good time going out the last few years and never really had to think too much about money, if I wanted to buy something, I would, If I wanted to go out, I would!

Partly because of growing up (yea right!) and because my online income has been dwindling, I’m finally starting to lower my spending and start saving for the future!

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    1. That is over 4 and a half years! I was just lucky to have a few sites with a lot of traffic, I’m sure I could of done better if I’d known what I was doing!

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