The Streets Were Amazing!!

Me and 6 mates went to see The Streets at Carling Academy in Bristol on friday night and it was amazing!

We ended up missing a few songs at the beginning 🙁  They started a lot earlier than we expected and we were just sat in the pub next door having a few drinks!

Was still a really good night, got really near the front and the crowd loved every song!

We got a minibus there and listened to a compliation cd with songs from all four albums on the way there, to get us in the mood.

They played my favourite song!  I didn’t expect them to do It’s Too Late, as it’s off the first album, was never released as a single and just really wasn’t expecting to hear it, but when I did I loved it!  I couldn’t even remember all of the words!

Can’t wait to see them again, hoping to try see them again in January as they announced 5 extra dates!  Can’t wait another 2 years!  especially as that will be the last tour! 🙁  Going with the Computers and Blues album.

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