List of Freeware Symbian S60v3 Apps

I’ve had my Nokia N80 for about a year now and have often looked for new software to try out on it. I thought I would just make a small list of all of the freeware Apps that I’ve found.

File Browsers


  • AutoLock – Automatic keylocking.
  • Calcium – Very slick looking calculator.
  • cCalc – Simple freeware calculator.
  • cCam – Simple camera capture with no flash or sound.
  • cClock – Clock screensaver
  • Chords – Application for displaying guitar chords.
  • Contact Transfer – Transfer contacts between phones.
  • Dictionary – A quick look up dictionary.
  • DROS – DOS like shell and BASIC interpreter.
  • HourPower – Read aloud the current time, best used via shortcut.
  • IfInfo – View current network interface Information.
  • LogExport – Export the Call Register data to a CSV file.
  • mLock – Quick and simple keybad locking.
  • Mobile Weather – Detailed weather reports.
  • OggPlay – Multi-formt audio player.
  • PowerBoot – Start applications on startup.
  • PuTTY – A free SSH client.
  • rotateMe – Small app to rotate your screen like when in Gallery.
  • S60SpotOn – Use camera flash as torch.
  • ScreenSnapS60 – Capture screenshots of your phone.
  • Screenshot – Capture screenshots of your phone.
  • SymbianBible – Bible reader.
  • TextQuick – Scans through your Inbox and shows who your SMS the most
  • VNC Viewer – VNC Viewer for Symbian.
  • Y-Tasks – Collection of development helper tools.


  • Bantumi – Stategy board game.
  • Frozen Bubble – Use a cannon to group 3 or more bubbles together.
  • MiniBlaster – Game inspired by the old classics Bomberman and DynaBlaster.
  • S-Tris 2 – Tetris clone.

P2P Downloads

  • PeerBoxAccess open P2P networks from your mobile.
  • Symella – Gnutella file-sharing clien.
  • SymTorrent – A symbian BitTorrent client.

Nokia Open Source Projects

If I’ve missed any then let me know 🙂

10 Replies to “List of Freeware Symbian S60v3 Apps”

  1. hello demp ,

    I send you more freeware for your mobile phone 3rd ed
    NoRedClose (red key don’t close app anymore !)
    RotateMe (landscape or portrait choice ! great on N80 !)
    NStarter 1.03
    ActiveFile 1.20
    X-plore (trial but really great only a 3 second starter screen 🙂

    But I have a question for you : have you succeed in making Perl running on 3rd phone ? I tried but without success (on 2nd phone it works !)


  2. Sike64 -Thanks for the update 🙂 I’ll add them to my list.

    I haven’t personally install Perl myself no, might give it a try soon though, there are quite a few little perl apps already written!

    Nomar – Cheers 🙂 + Thanks for visiting 😀

  3. U have a pretty good collection of softwares for ur phone. Powerboot does not work on my nokia 3250. Says :”Unable to start power boot,application might have to be removed”. Pls I’ll be glad if you can send some of d softwares u got to my e-mail is Chords, symbian bible, handy shell, core player latest version. Thanks.

  4. love it. I miss my n80 :(. I had this app that would sort all my incoming text and put them in whatever folder I wanted. I been searching for it but can’t find it. I know it,s on my edie hard drive but vista won’t read xp so until i get my new computer I be missing few programs on my E63.

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