The Simpsons Movie – Spider Pig Clip Download

Over the past few weeks, I have had quite a lot of hits from search engines to my
Trip to Cinema + Spider Pig! post. Some people got here by searching for things like “Spider Pig Audio” and “The Simpsons Spider Pig Sound”, so I thought I’d give people what they want!

It’s the audio extracted from the Spider Pig section of The Simpsons Movie trailer, but it seems to be an extended version, it has more than in the first trailer I saw.

With Marge: Download Spider Pig Audio Clip

Without Marge: Download Spider Pig Audio Clip

Choir Version: Download Spider Pig Choir Audio Clip

Spider Pig, Spider Pig
Does whatever a Spider Pig Does
Can he swing, from a web, no he can’t, he’s a pig
Look out, he is a Spider Pig!

After many requests, I have finally added the choir version of Spider Pig to these page πŸ™‚

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  1. Thanks for the audio! That is my girlfriends new ringtone. haha, cheers.

    look out, he is a spider piiiiiiiiiiiig

  2. I can`t download it!! πŸ™ When I press the download link it opens me Quick Times player and yust plays the file from beginning! πŸ™

  3. wow by the way you are the man ….. i now have that as my ringtone and my shutdown music
    thanks alot

  4. Thanks very much for the spider pig audio clip, the song is addictive and the video clip is hilarious. I looked at ringtone websites and they want you to join, but thanks to you its free.

    1. Spider Pig, Spider Pig
      Does whatever a Spider Pig Does
      Can he swing, from a web, no he canÒ€ℒt, heÒ€ℒs a pig
      Look out, he is a Spider Pig!

  5. Thanks Adam.
    Managed to get tickets so I could take my Kids to see The Simpsons Movie Last night at an Advanced Screening. The whole Cinema fell about laughing at Spiderpig, Best film ever.

    My Kids will love this as a Ring tone.

  6. I am the envy of everyone at work, I must have played it 50 times today. Everyone was calling me just to hear the ring.

    For those having problems, right click where it says download, above the sample bar, then show where you want the clip to save.

  8. Thanks for the song!! I set it as my ringtone and I have been playing it over and over again. It’s so additive! πŸ™‚

  9. amazing clip right here… all you need to get now is the operaish version of it when homer is with “the boob lady”

  10. Thanks so much for the audio clip! I can’t stop playing it and now I just have to download it as my ringtone!!

  11. can someone send this too my mobile pretty please (the version w/o marge)….


    thanks sooo much
    ack! πŸ™‚

    spider pig spider pig…does whatever a spider pid does. πŸ™‚

  12. You are the man, i’ve been to incredible lengths to get this clip as my ringtone and now I have it…. one word buddy…. LEGEND

  13. You are the Man. I have spent days looking for that clip.

    Spider Pig, Spider Pig.

    Best film ever, seen it once but would go to see it again and again.

    Thanks again

  14. Hey dude!

    Thanks for the download! I was looking everywhere for the audio as well as the lyrics.. thanks again! πŸ˜‰


  15. Thanks for the file, but, could you please upload the same files but in spanish, I’m from Perú, and I’ve look it everywhere, please!!!!

  16. If you cant read 3-4 posts above yours then you don’t need to download it cause you probably cant get it onto your phone either!
    BTW Thanx! I Love it!

  17. Spider pig
    Spider pig
    Does whatever spider pig does
    Can he swing from a web?
    No he can´t
    He is a Pig
    He is a Spider piiiiiiig

  18. Hi,

    Does anyone know anything about music licences etc.

    I want people to be able to download clips as a ringtone for songs I have re-mixed but not sure on the legal side of things for using other peoples songs?

    Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?

    P.S Love this clip…this song is in my head all the time lol

    Thanks in advance

  19. I have been wanting this for weeks. Can someone send it to my phone or tell me how to make a ringtone out of it (the one with Marge)? 313-685-0042.

  20. oh my god… i’m so happy… this is my new ringtone…
    i keep calling myself just to hear it… ha ha ha..
    thanks so much…

  21. Hi mate,you are a legend! I paid to get this tone i was so desperate but it was a rubbish impersonator who sounded nothing like homer!it almost ruined spider pig for me but u redeemed my faith…..look out hes the spider pig!

  22. how do i get it onto my PHONE! i downlaoded it but not sure how to get it onto my phone! can someone please tell me!!!

  23. by the way… thanks for making it downloadable! everything else you can only watch it! who wants that!!!! cheers!!!

  24. Hey – thanks for the audio. It’s also my wife’s ringtone. But she wants “Harry Plopper” to be my ringtone, so I’m looking for that audio somewhere too. πŸ˜‰


  25. cheers. took a while to work out how to download cause it kept opening windows media player but finally got ’em!!

  26. would you possibly happen to have the quote “i was elected to lead not to read.” if you did that would be swell that is my favorite quote from the simpsons movie

  27. Just so people know, the two files are switched..
    the “spiderPig without marge” actually has marge, and the one with marge doesn’t have her.. take a listen you’ll see what I mean.

    Thanks guy for putting these up, super cool of you to do. best way to d/l them.. is using IE, right click, save target as, and you’re set.

  28. thanks for spider pig i was about to pay to download it,but what else would you expect with a great irish name like that.

  29. You are a star! My daughter will be the envy of all her besties! You have made one 10 year old truly happy!!!! Cheers!

  30. ;I luv spider pig! even dwnlded da ringtone! πŸ™‚

    Hmmm… Now everyone in my grade has 1… have u eva thought of spider goat? :

  31. I tried to do the same myself and rip the audio with audacity, but because I have a Mac, I can’t select the audio source as beeing the internal sound played!!
    I dunno how to record from my computer’s sound with a Mac, if anyone have some tips, can help me with a little app or something, it would be cool.

    Thanks for the file

  32. Hi.

    My friend tried to download the clips but it doesn’t work.

    Can U please help???

    (His comp is a Mac. Does it matter???)

  33. Whoever wrote this:

    I tried to do the same myself and rip the audio with audacity, but because I have a Mac, I canÒ€ℒt select the audio source as beeing the internal sound played!!
    I dunno how to record from my computerÒ€ℒs sound with a Mac, if anyone have some tips, can help me with a little app or something, it would be cool.

    Thanks for the file

    Here is your answer.

    1. If you have a microphone, open that but do not play.

    2. Then go into this website.

    3. Press play on your microphone window and wait about 2 or 3 seconds before pressing the spider-pig clip that you want.

    4. Press stop when it is finished.

    If this does not work or it is not what you meant, then e-mail me at:

    (Posted by a 12 year old!!!)


    The Dodo


  34. thankz spider pig is my ring tone for my phone now

    SPIDER PIG SPIDER PIG Does whatever a SPIDER PIG does Can he swing From a web No he cant
    He’s a pig LOOK OOOUUUTTT!!!! He is a SPIDER PIG!!

  35. Dude SWEET!!! I’ve been searching all over for this sound bit. I’m going to crack everyone up at work tomorrow. Thanx man.

  36. Hey…i really want spider pig for my ring tone…but i cant get it to save. i read all the comments but none of them worked. when i right click and ‘save link as’ it saves it as a document, not a wav. or any sound…just language. what am i doing wrong?

  37. WOOPS! I figured it out…for everyone else who had my problem…go with the above advice to ‘save link as’ then ADD .mp3 after the file name. THANKYOU “akujin” !!! Rock n Roll!

  38. -awsome- Now I can annoy people at work. LinVoiceChat-Audio File-Loop-All Computers on network-Volume 120%-Done. Muhahaha!

  39. HEY (STUPID) GUYS —HOW TO DOWNLOAD— when you click download it will open quiktime in your web browser. then right click on the quicktime player. next click save as source. now open the file you want to save it to and then click save. ta-da you stupid guys have the stupid file you’ve been whinning about… you guys dont deserve to have a computer if you cant work one!

  40. Thx for the song…
    i’ve searched it to many webs,and didn’t find it..
    u are a great man Adam..
    hey, do u have harry plopper photos??

  41. just wanted to say, big thanks for sharing that Spider Pig audio! just saw the movie on DVD, that chior one is great.

    i’m definitely going to use this for a ring tone! πŸ˜€

  42. Archell – Right Click On The Download Link & Click And Click Save Link – Then Just Drag To Your Phone Via USB Cable!


  43. For all those who get the media player when they click the link:

    Simply go right click on the song you want to download, click “Properties”, then copy the URL (Mac Users can just click Copy Link Location)
    Go to
    click on “Convert a File by URL”
    Paste in the url
    Hit next and select the audio file type you want (I recommend mp3)
    Hit next again (don’t change anything on this page)
    Hit next again, wait until the conversion is finished
    Right click on the Download link and hit “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”

    Viola. Problem fixed. πŸ™‚

  44. For those of you having problems…

    Right Click on the download link

    Then click on save as or save target as

    It will open a folder location…

    It will say the name of the file and under it HTML…

    Change HTML to All Files

    and next to the file name add the following .mp3

    this will change the file from spiderpig.html to spiderpig.mp3 and you will be able to play it then without it opening an html page and quicktime…

  45. can’t seem to download it even with the rightclick+save target as…
    is there any other way to download it?


  46. If You Can Hear The “Spider-Pig” Song Here But Can’t Download It, Just Go To The Temporary Internet Files Directory; The Sounds MP3 That You Listen Here Or Anywhere Are Always There!!!. (Of Course, Copy’Em And Paste’Em Wherever you Want).

  47. This is funny (:
    Like seriously, I’ve listened to the choir spider pig one like five times now in the past ten minutes (:

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