MooPlug Updated to 0.4.4

I have updated MooPlug, my free filemaker plugin to version 0.4.4 and here is the changelog:

  • Updated ZIP library code.
  • Updated Moo_ZipExtract to support Overwrite if files already exist.
  • Updated Moo_FileCopy and Moo_FileMove to support Overwrite if files already exist.
  • Fixed Moo_ProcessCount
  • Fixed Moo_FTPUpload so it actually works more than once per session.
  • Added parameters to Moo_DialogFile and Moo_DialogFolder
  • Documentation finally released.

I think this is the best release so far as I have fixed up a lot of small issues and this release should be the most usable.  I have some new features I hope to try and add to the next version, so we’ll just have to see how long that takes 🙂

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