New Blogs, Yes More!

Been a while since I’ve posted on here so thought I’d post an update.  I haven’t been posting much and that’s because I’ve been busy!

Not that you can really see any difference yet, but I’ve been doing some work on my Lightscribe Images site, as well as starting up a couple of small informational blogs, but I’ll post some more about them in the future.

One I’ve been doing for a few weeks now is my FileMaker Tips website.  I know I go on a lot about FileMaker, it’s because it’s a big part of my main job so I’m using it a lot.  As you may or may not now I also have a Free Filemaker Plugin. (a plug for a plugin :P)

There’s not much content on there at the moment, but I plan to add more and more as time goes by.  Search engine traffic is already reaching it, which really surprised me considering there’s only a handful of posts so far!  I should do something about monetisation on there!

I’ve added it to my Adam Dempsey‘s portfolio page, I think the total on there’s about 10 now, but only a few are active sites.  I definatley plan on finishing and working on a lot more of my sites in 2008 than I did in 2007!  I’m staying in for a while now to save some money so I should have some time to work on everything 🙂

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