Screenshot Sender 4 Updates

I’ve been working on Window Designer quite a bit lately, but the last few days I’ve been working on my most popular project, Screenshot Sender.

Since porting it to JScript for Messenger Plus! Live, the majority of the coding has been done by Matty, but I’ve been doing some bits for the next release. As well as working on small little fixes, I have been working on some new features:

  • Selected Area Screenshots – The SS3 favourite returns.
  • Overlay Text – This is back in a simple form, may become more advanced in the future.

There’s probably some more, but I can’t remember because I’m forgetful, never mind 😛

EDIT:  I knew I’d forget something, Sunshine reminded me that I’d also added the ability to move the Countdown timer to one of 9 places on the screen 🙂

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