Winnings + Window Designer

I haven’t been on here much lately, been a bit ill, well that’s my excuse for being lazy anyway 😛

I won £32 on 2 scratchcards on sunday! Bought 3 today and won £10 on one of them, hopefully it’s going to be 3rd time lucky! So I’m going to be a few lottery tickets tonight!

In other news, Window Designer has had some progress lately, HenkNooz has sent me some portions of code he’s been working on, which I have now merged into my project. He had coded a Window Creation Wizard, Update Checking, Recent Files as well as numerous fixes. I have been working on the properties still and adding the support for the extra 5 controls added. Loading and Saving support has been greatly improved, a loaded window now looks somewhat like the same window loaded from a Plus! Live Script!


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