Screenshot Sender – Select Area

So today I’ve been working on the Select Area functions for Screenshot Sender 4, it has been requested by quite a few people and it was my favourite feature too.  Because of some new stuff added to the scripting engine of Messenger Plus! Live 4.02, it’s now possible to do it 😀  Got about half of it working now, which is nice, so it should definitely be in the next release 🙂

In other news, I wasn’t the lowest scorer at skittles last night! 😀  woo!  My first few goes were quite good, 7-6-7, but then I let it down with a 4 😛 which brought my total score back to 24, the same I’ve had the last 2 weeks!  We lost the match 8-2, but doesn’t matter, we had a few drinks, won a fiver on the beer leg and had some fun, so who cares! 😀

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