SoundPack Extractor

About 18 months ago, Segosa made a SoundPack Extractor which allowed you to extract the MP3s from the packs.  It worked great, but I started to code a GUI version of it.  Segosa sent me his code and I added some stuff to it so you could see the sounds in the pack and select which ones to extract.

Funnily enough I didn’t finish it, which doesn’t sound me like I know 😛  For some reason I remembered it today, so when I get home later I’m going to have a look on my computers and see if I can find the source, as I might see how far I got and maybe try and finish it off for release.

I think I most likely was using my old laptop, which is now in computer heaven, but I *think* I backed up all my stuff from it before it died, so it might be ok.  If I can’t find it then I can’t be bothered to start again, so will just have to keep using Segosa’s version 😛

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