Want a Logo? How about a Free Logo?

Every site needs a logo and unless you’re a graphic whizz, you need to get someone else to make it for you. Well you could either enter a contest to Win a Logo Design or you could go speak to Franco and ask for a Free Logo Design!

Up till now Franco has designed and given away over $22,000 worth of logos on his site! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to ask for a Free Logo!

Here are a few he’s made for me:

MooPlug Logo

Captain Contest Logo

Evil Chicken Logo

7 Replies to “Want a Logo? How about a Free Logo?”

  1. It all depends on how highly you value your business, and how much the impression of others matters to you.

    Often, the first contact a potential customer has of your business is through viewing the logo, so to budget for a quality design that lasts is essential.

  2. Yea that’s very true, I have left some websites without even reading a single word after seeing a unprofessional looking logo, I will definatley take that into accoutn in the future, thanks David 🙂

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