20 Things for 20 Years

In November it will be 20 years since I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (for more on that see 5 Years Ago Today Changed My Life!) and I have decided to do 20 fundraising events to raise money for Young Lives vs Cancer (formally CLIC Sargent) and Ronald McDonald House in Bristol.

It’s a big target and I imagine I may ‘cheat’ a bit and some of the events will be small, but I just like the idea of their being 20 events/things.

I imagine there will be a Quiz of some kind as got lots written ready for the pub quizzes which obviously won’t be needed for a long while now since the Fire.

Will get brainstorming on what the other events can be (You’ld think I would have done that before making a website and announcing it etc but I work better under pressure!).

Ideally I’d like the final event to be in November and some kind of ball/dance where we can announce a rough final amount raised but that takes a lot of organising and my obvious venue (The Social Centre) is now a bit flat.

To follow updates on the fundraiser check out the 20 Things website or the Facebook, Instagram + Twitter pages.

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