A Busy Week

Had a super busy one last week, ideally would have been a bit more spread out but just happened to fall on the same week.

Monday – Cinema

Went back to the Cinema (thanks for the free ticket O2 Priority!) to see Spider-Man: No Way Home for the second time, enjoyed it just as much the second time (possibly slightly less as always nice to see things for the first time). I first watched it on the day it was released in the UK (15th December) so I’d managed to avoid spoilers.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Wednesday – Jason Manford

Went to Bath to see Jason (for the 4th or 5th time I think, lost track) was really good evening with a few drinks before hand to make it even better.

Jason Manford – Like Me. Tour

Thursday – Rum Tasting

A rum bar opened in a nearby town a year or so ago and somehow I still hadn’t made it there so when a rum tasting evening was advertised it seemed the perfect opportunity. Got to try 5 different rums all made by Diplomatico, with suggested mixers and a few snacks. Good catch up with a mate (who got me started on rum a few years ago) too.

Diplomático Rums

Saturday – Example

I last saw Example just before the world went crazy in March 2020, also in Bournemouth so when he announced his next tour had to go again. Think this was the 7th time seen him now, almost every time in Bournemouth (do like a good night out there). When he released his ‘Some Nights Last For Days’ album in 2020 he said everyone who brought it along to his next tour could get it signed + get a picture with him. Well I had the CD (until the Fire that is) so I messaged him asking if I could still get an autograph and picture anyway which he obviously agreed to, good bloke.

It’s Elliot from Example

I’m planning on a quiet one this weekend to recover! Ironically after doing all of that in a week I don’t think I have any plans at all in February which is probably just as well really, for both my liver and wallet!

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