2020 – What a fucking year!!

I had it pretty lucky where the worst I had it is some annoyance because some social events like comedy gigs and nights out were postponed or cancelled but for others this was the worst year of their lives!

Not really a lot more to say as everyone knows how hard this year has been but it’s a long way to go until we’re “back to normal” yet.

I keep hearing people saying they can’t wait for 2021 as if COVID-19 is going to turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight and we’ll return to the way life used to be but we’re going to be in this situation for a good while yet unfortunately.

This is the only post I’ve managed to add this year, 90% because I’m lazy/forgetful but 10% because I’ve not had anything interesting to write about because feels like I’ve barely done anything all year!

Fingers crossed that on the whole 2021 is a better year! It surely can’t get worse at least (hopefully not famous last words!).

2010-2019 – A Decade Review

So for my third and final post of 2019 I thought I would look back on the past decade, mostly for me just to remind myself what good stuff I’ve been up to!

Obviously did lots more, most of which I’ve forgotten but I’ve tried to pick out the main things, especially when I could find some pictures.


  • I did well with holidays in 2010 with 3 weeks in Australia (Perth + Lancelin) meeting a mate who was staying there followed by a lads holiday to Malia a few months later.
  • I learned not to give drunken piggy bag rides as it can lead to a heel to the face! Still have the scar now!


  • Another lads holiday, to Magaluf this time.
  • Had the “Last Ever” (this was said multiple times, but this time it actually was) Dempsfest (see Dempsfest 2008/ and Dempsfest 2009).
  • Became Director of my local Pub that I was on committee for, basically just on paper but agreed to it as sounds cool to be in charge of a pub!
  • Met Ross Noble after a gig in Oxford, was really friendly and chatted to me and mate for about half hour, telling us about the upcoming film Stitches and showing us some behind the scene pictures on his phone.


  • Had a great holiday in Cornwall with mates, highlight was going to Healey’s Cider Farm where they make Cornish Rattler.
  • Met Rhod Gilbert after a gig in Salisbury.
  • My niece Layla was born.


  • Saw Example (for the 3rd or 4th time I think) in Bristol.
  • Moved out into a flat above the pub I’m Director of.
  • Went on stage at end of Adam Hills gig (was invited to) and got a picture that didn’t come out as I got a new phone that day and had forgot to remove the protective plastic lens cover, d’oh!


  • I was lazy and grew a beard, but ended up having it shaved off and raised over £600 for CLIC Sargent and Wiltshire Air Ambulance!
  • Continuing the comedy theme I met Chris Ramsey after a gig in Swindon.
  • Jason Manford came to check out the Hall I live above about possibly bringing his Manford’s Comedy Club here but it didn’t pan out, obv got a picture though.
  • Even though I live above a pub, my mate build be a bar in my Lounge.


I didn’t seem to take many pictures in 2015 (or I’ve lost them!) therefore can’t really remember what I did!


  • Was an Usher at the Wedding of two close friends.
  • Had a fancy dress (of course!) party for my 30th.
  • Went to Bournemouth to see David Brent + Foregone Conclusion.


  • Went to a Rum Festival in Exeter, where we sampled the 75.5% Old J Tiki Fire.
  • Had a party for my Mum’s 60th Birthday.
  • Went to Bristol to see Doc Brown perform (as a musician, listen to his episode on Stuart Goldsmith’s Comedian’s Comedian podcast for a really interesting chat with the highlight I remember being how his biggest professional regret is using the same stage name for his Music and Comedy).


  • My second niece, Phoebe was born.
  • Met Nina Conti after a great show in Bath where she was trying out a show where Monkey takes over!
  • Saw The Streets in Brixton after they announced a new tour of of nowhere, went on my own but met up with some “Internet Friends” I’ve know since the last decade but had never met!
  • Finally started watching the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and saw 18 films in a month before watching Avengers: Infinity War on a Wednesday afternoon which was the last screening within 100 miles! Since seen every film within days of release and started collecting merchandise and posters.
  • Went to a mate’s Stag Do in Bournemouth where we ended up doing an Escape Room which was brilliant and have since done about 8 more!


  • The Streets announced Part Two of the The Darker the Shadow the Brighter the Light tour so I decided to go a few times, Birmingham, Bournemouth and Brixton. Second gig didn’t go quite to plan when mate’s head got cut up by a drink thrown into the crowd and we spent half the night in Hospital but it certainly was a memorable experience!
  • Went back to Legoland after about 15 years with my Goddaughter and her Brothers with my Cousins. I only took about 5 pictures all day though.

Bring on the next decade!

Another Domain

Got another domain last week (after chasing 123 Reg for over a month), Dempsey.uk!

Again not really sure why but just thought would make a good email domain.

All I’ve done with it so far is to forward it here, maybe one day I’ll do something else with it though.

Adam Dempsey Domains

So with about a week to go before the 5 year reservation expired I finally just registered AdamDempsey.uk!

Not entirely sure why as I already have the .com, .net and co.uk domains that I already don’t use, but I just thought I should!

I really should find a use for them, currently they’re a tad under-used:

AdamDempsey.com – Literally empty, has said “Under Construction” for years.

AdamDempsey.net – Links to my social profiles, not really sure why as barely use most of them.

AdamDempsey.co.uk – This very blog that I have posted on once in the past 2 years!

Half a Life

My first post of 2018 and it’s nearly over!

16 years, or half of my life ago I walked into a room with a Doctor and my parents to see them both crying so I knew it wasn’t good news!

I was told I had ALL (Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia) and chemotherapy was going to start the following week.

It was a Friday and I think it was Children In Need night but other than that I don’t remember much else from that day (I blame chemo brain, but more likely alcohol brain!).

Fast forward three years and I had finished my treatment and could then start to live a ‘normal’ life (I’m not even going to pretend I was normal to start with).

I could fill this post with clichés but the experience definitely has had an impact on my life, I 100% value time spent and experiences with family and friends over anything you can buy (which is why I spend all of my money on seeing comedians and rum rather than proper grown up adult stuff like saving for a house, whoops!).

So yea, another year and another post I feel a bit obliged to post, but the day certainly does make me recollect and realise quite how lucky I am!  I do joke a hell of a lot, often in times when I really shouldn’t but I am one of the lucky ones, I know and I’m sure everyone knows someone who isn’t/wasn’t quite so lucky, so to throw one of those good ol’ clichés out there, live life to the full!

Ended up just rambling as usual, have actually posted some proper posts about this on previous leukaemiaversaries (what do you mean it’s not a word?!?) if you’re interested:

Hello 2017

I know we’re now in April but it’s my first post this year so Hello!

Decided it was about time I sorted this out a bit, so have finally updated all of the old links still pointing to demp.se/y (which I no longer own, renewal fees kept increasing).

Image links are all still broken at the moment, need to see if I can dig out an old backup to sort those.

I managed 1 post in 2016 (Interactive TV Advertising) and I don’t expect 2017 will be much better!

Partly because I don’t have a lot to say and when I do I use Twitter and Facebook instead, which obviously weren’t about when I first created a blog (which was nearly 12 years ago according to my first post!).

So yea, we’ll wait and see how much (if at all) I post during the rest of 2017!

Au revoir

Interactive TV Advertising

I was watching TV earlier when an advert for an iOS App appeared (I forget what it was now). 

It made me realise that there is no interaction between what we see on our Televisions screens and the computers in our hands, aka our Smartphones. 

It’s 2016 so I should be able to watch an advert, pick up my phone and it knows what advert I’ve just seen and allow me to download the app, purchase the product or view the website etc. 

I see it as a list of previously viewed adverts, maybe just for the current advert break, each with the name of the advertiser, product, brief description then an action link. This link would vary depending on the type of product being advertised. 

Some examples based on adverts I’ve seen recently:

  • Advert for Clash of Clans – Would link to the App Store (or open the app if already installed). 
  • Advert for Go Compare Insurance Comparison – Would open the website (or the app if they have one and is installed). 
  • Advert for Spectre on DVD – Would open a competitive list of retailers with the product on sale, affiliate links allowing some money to be made back from the process. 

The list could go on and on, every advert could at least open a website if there is no applicable action such as Purchasing the product.  

Advertisers would love it as they should get more interaction with their potential customers as it’s much easier for them to do so, plus would be able to get anonymous numbers on how many people have clicked through on which of their adverts, giving them much more feedback than traditional advertising gives. 

I guess it would have to be something made by either the TV manufacturer if using built in FreeView or the set top box maker if using YouView or Sky etc although it would obviously also need input from the channel itself as the advert would need some form of metadata paired up with the timings of the advert. 

It would take a lot of work, from a lot of different groups of people, but would it be worth it? All it would save is having to type a few words into your App Store or web browser, but who doesn’t like a streamlined, easier process?

I suppose in a world where Netflix is gaining more and more popularity and Apple is continually rumoured to bring an update to the Apple TV to allow per channel subscriptions maybe we’re past the time and place for this sort of development?

Maybe this already exists and I’ve missed it, but if not why hasn’t anyone done it yet?

Leukaemia Day – 13 Years On

Being diagnosed with Leukaemia isn’t something a lot of people would probably celebrate the date of (but then I’ve never been normal, anyone who knows me will agree!) but for me I like to think about how lucky I am to be on the other side of it. 

13 years is a long time ago now, don’t remember a lot of the details any more (wish I’d kept a diary at the time!) but it’s not a time in my life I’ll ever forget.  

Also being that long ago there are a lot of people in my life that I didn’t know at the time so they don’t know about it. I’ve used many stories to explain the scars over the years, the one in my neck is most commonly a shark bite!  If it ever comes up in conversation though I tend to avoid talking about it, not because I feel uncomfortable or upset but I just find it boring to talk about and there are many many many more interesting things to chat about!

A lot of the nurses often commented on my upbeat attitude towards it all, but I never saw the point of getting depressed or upset and all why me blah blah. It’s happening, may as well just get on with it and take the piss/makes some jokes as we go along. Some would say that’s using as humour as a coping mechanism, best way to go I say!

I often wonder how different my life would be if the whole situation never happened. I don’t think much would be different really, other than it really did show me how amazing friends and family can be when you really need them and I’ll never forget that (well I probably will with my terrible memory but you know what I mean). 

I also just like to remind myself that some Leukaemia/Cancer stories do have an happy ending, so fuck you cancer!

If you are bored I’ve written some other posts on leukaemia day over the years: