The End of 2007

The end of 2007 is finally upon us. What a year it’s been! Project wise I haven’t really achieved a lot, but ‘offline’ I have made some amazing friends this year and they have helped me thought some tough times, so I want to thank them.

I haven’t done my December income report yet, I’ll get that up in a few days, but I just totalled up my online earnings from 2007 and the grand total was $12,355.24! So you’d think I’d have a lot to show for that! Like say a new car or a big savings account! Uh no, I’ve just got lots of debt! I don’t really understand how but never mind 😛


I’ve never really been someone for setting new year resolutions, but I’m going to set myself a couple this year and I’m going to really try and stick to them, I need to really. They aren’t anything to do with my online stuff, but I suppose I do have some resolutions for that too. They are:

  • Really put some proper effort into losing some weight again, stop eating crap and doing more exercise. I lost just over a stone beginnin of last year then went rubbish again.
  • Sort out my finances. I earn more than double than some of my mates with both my offline + online income, but I’m still in loads of debt! Always using up my full overdratf! I am setting a releastic goal of trying to be completly out of overdraftby the end of the year.
  • This one’s a bit vague, but some people will know exactly what I mean. I need to get over something that’s starting to take over my life. I need to just move on and stop thinking about it all the time.
  • Obviously stop being so lazy and do some work on my websites/softwware projects and try earn more money online!

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Over the last year I’ve had a few posts which have been quite popular and it’s been the one’s I thought would be some of the least popular!


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So I think that just about covers my overview for 2007, I hope you’ve had a great year, and that 2008 will be even better!


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  1. That Spider Pig ringtone is everywhere at the moment. Remember the majority of people send ringtones from person to person, its freaking huge.

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